[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][tm-servicebox h2=”EARTHQUAKE SUSTAINABILITY” txt_align=”left” add_icon=”left” i_on_border=”” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-university” i_background_style=”none” i_size=”md”]

Due to its light weight & porous structure consisting of millions of tiny cells (air pockets), AAC Blocks provide cushion to buildings from major force or jolts, preventing progressive collapse, saving lives and granting better response time for rescue operation

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Best in class fire rating of 4 hours. The melting point of AAC is over 16000 c, more than twice the typical temperature in a building fire of 6500 c.

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Pest Resistant with solid wall construction and finishes, there are fewer if any, cavities for insects and rodents to dwell in. Termites and ants do not eat or nest in AAC blocks. Being made up of inorganic mineral, AAC blocks do not promote growth of molds.

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AAC Blocks can be sawed, drilled, just like wood, and thus is a very good construction material to be used.

It facilitates easier fitting of plumbing, electrical and also wall fittings.

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Every input and process of Superlite AAC Blocks’ manufacture is 100% environment friendly. We are proud members of Indian Green Building Council.

[/tm-servicebox][tm-servicebox h2=”REDUCES CARBON FOOTPRINT” txt_align=”left” add_icon=”left” i_on_border=”” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-lemon-o” i_background_style=”none” i_size=”md”]

AAC Blocks are manufactured by totally ecofriendly process which ensures very less carbon emission as compared to red bricks. Also AAC Blocks being 1/3rd of weight of red bricks and 7 times the size of red bricks, the vehicle for transportation can carry 3 times of the load of AAC Blocks than red bricks. This ensures 1/3rd consumption of fuel as compared to red bricks. It ensures fuel saving as well as reduction in carbon emission 

[/tm-servicebox][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][tm-servicebox h2=”HIGH STRENGTH” txt_align=”justify” add_icon=”left” i_on_border=”” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-gavel” i_background_style=”none” i_size=”md”]High pressure steam-curing & autoclaving process gives Superlite AAC Blocks exceptional strength to weight ratio, much above BIS specification of > 3.5Mpa.[/tm-servicebox][tm-servicebox h2=”SOUND PROOF” txt_align=”justify” add_icon=”left” i_on_border=”” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-volume-up” i_background_style=”none” i_size=”md”]AAC walls have an excellent Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 44 dB.

Result: Virtually Soundproof Interiors![/tm-servicebox][tm-servicebox h2=”NO CURING” txt_align=”justify” add_icon=”left” i_on_border=”” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-medkit” i_background_style=”none” i_size=”md”]AAC blocks’ walls do not require water curing (i.e. soaking the entire plastered wall with water spray), as needed by red-brick walls. AAC blocks are already pre-cured.[/tm-servicebox][tm-servicebox h2=”WATER BARRIER” txt_align=”justify” add_icon=”left” i_on_border=”” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-tint” i_background_style=”none” i_size=”md”]Microscopic structure of lightweight blocks does not allow for capillary action, making it impervious to water penetration.[/tm-servicebox][tm-servicebox h2=”THERMAL INSULATION” txt_align=”justify” add_icon=”left” i_on_border=”” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-bolt” i_background_style=”none” i_size=”md”]AAC Blocks offer excellent thermal insulation of rating of R30. This reduces recurring cost of energy required for heating and cooling. Better thermal insulation also allows use of smaller HVAC than required conventionally.[/tm-servicebox][tm-servicebox h2=”PRECISE DIMENSIONS” txt_align=”justify” add_icon=”left” i_on_border=”” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-arrows-alt” i_background_style=”none” i_size=”md”]Its automatic manufacturing process gives AAC an exceptional dimensional accuracy & smooth surfaces, eliminating need of three-coat plaster walls and allows for a final 6 mm skin coat (Putty/POP).[/tm-servicebox][tm-servicebox h2=”CONSERVATION OF FERTILE LAND” txt_align=”justify” add_icon=”left” i_on_border=”” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-pagelines” i_background_style=”none” i_size=”md”]In case of red bricks, fertile top soil is used exploiting the utility of fertile land. However in case of AAC Blocks, we use Fly Ash i.e. an industrial waste and river sand.[/tm-servicebox][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][tm-servicebox h2=”COST SAVING” txt_align=”justify” add_icon=”left” i_on_border=”” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-credit-card” i_background_style=”none” i_size=”md”]-Saving in Steel & concrete: reinforcement up to 20%: Due to its light weight feature the dead load of the building is drastically reduced if AAC Blocks are used and hence the need for steel reinforcement is reduced drastically up to 20% as compared in case of red bricks to the tune of approx.

-Saving in Mortar Usage: Due to the massive size of AAC Blocks as compared to red bricks, the no. of joints is reduced by 65% and hence the usage of mortar is reduced by 60%.

-Saving in Plaster Usage: AAC blocks comes in precise and accurate dimensions un like red bricks and so  the blocks after installation offers you a wall without any undulation. So a thin 10  mm layer of plaster is sufficient to plaster the wall. This saves the plastering cost by 35%.

-Faster Construction: AAC Blocks due to its 7 times bigger size than red bricks ,the ease of laying with 1/3 no. of joints ,precise dimensions and no curing requirement ,offers time saving up to 30%.And so you see your project completed within a much shorter time frame as compared to red bricks.

-Saving in financing cost: Money borrowed/invested in a project has its financing cost or opportunity cost. The sooner the project completes the sooner it becomes ready to yield utility and it saves your financial cost i.e. interest charges.

-Saving in Man-hours (Labor): Man-hours is a substantial cost for construction. AAC Blocks due to its 7 times bigger size than red bricks ,the ease of laying with 1/3 no. of joints ,precise dimensions and no curing requirement ,offers time saving i.e. labor charges of up to 40%.

-Saving in Transportation: Transportation/Freight is a major cost head for AAC Blocks to reach the site of the customer. For this, the weight of the blocks play an important factor to decide the fright since by road the cost of transportation is based on weight of the product. AAC Blocks being 1/3rd in weight as compared to red bricks, it is much cheaper to transport AAC Blocks rather than red bricks.

-Saving in cost of undercoat and top coats

The requirement of undercoats is highly dependent on the kind of smoothness of the wall installed. The wall that is made of AAC Blocks offers you highly smoother wall as compared to that of red bricks and hence the wall does not require undercoat such as putty/pop .[/tm-servicebox][/vc_column][/vc_row]