Building with Innovation.

We strive to serve
for excellence
with innovation.
Our Mission

To think of making available much-needed, eco-friendly, light-weight, innovative building material i.e. AAC BLOCKS for construction requirements in the North-East.

To enable civil-construction fraternity to avail better sustainability from risk of frequent occurrence of tremors & jolts of earthquakes by reducing the ‘dead-load ‘ of the structures besides saving the environment from harmful effects of pollution.

To make available the finest quality of AAC Blocks with state-of-art technology for the benefit of people.

Our Vision

To serve the entire North-East and adjacent geographies with the finest quality of AAC blocks for the fast growing construction activities, at the least possible & affordable cost.

To strive for excellence in our field for quality, cost and services to the end users & intermediary entities like contractors & architects for safe & reliable application of SUPERLITE AAC BLOCKS.

To serve every nook & corner of North-East and adjacent geographies for new construction, expansion or renovation work, helping to ensure maximum possible safety of life & property; besides contributing to the preservation of environment both directly & indirectly.

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