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Superlite AAC Blocks

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete(AAC) block is a light weight, precast, foam concrete building material invented in the mid-1920 that simultaneously provides structure, insulation, fire, mold resistance and various other advantages.

Superlite FIX-O-BLOCK

Ready to use, polymer modified high strength thin jointing mortar. Most preferred choice for building masonry units where the joint thickness is reduced to 3 mm improving the quality of construction manifolds.

Superlite Wall Putty

White cement based polymer modified Wall Putty specially developed as a base coat to cover unevenness and pinholes on plastered, mortar wall and ceiling to make the surface wall white, smooth and ready for primer-paint application.

Superlite Tile Adhesive

Silica based tile adhesive that has excellent results for high resistance laying of ceramic tile on floor, wall and on cement based substrates.The
formula ensures optimum performance for tile setter.

Superlite Wall Plaster

High quality pre-mixed plaster suitable for AAC block wall, clay / Fly ash brick wall and other concrete surfaces for both internal and external applications.

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