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Superlite Fix-O-Block

SUPERLITE Fix-O-Block is a ready to use, polymer modified high strength thin jointing  mortar. It is the most preferred choice for building masonry units where the joint thickness is reduced to 3 mm, from a conventional application thickness of 12~15 mm, improving the quality of construction manifolds. 

The ingredients are Graded River Sand, OPC 53 Cement, Fly Ash, Hydrated Lime and Performance additives. FIX-O-BLOCK application is best suited for AAC Blocks, Cement Blocks, Bricks, Cellular / Solid concrete blocks and Fly Ash Bricks.

*Available in 26kg bags

Coverage & Mixing Ratio

A general guideline for coverage of mortar when used with 25-30% water and a 4 mm notched trowel is as stated below :  

*Subject to standard conditions of application and workmanship.


High Adhesion Strength due to addition of Special Polymer

No Water Curing required

Higher Coverage

Time Saving and Cost Saving

Prevents Shrinkage Cracks

Thin Joint of 3 mm

Negligible Wastage

Easy Mixing and Better Application

Low Density and High Volume

Working Properties

Parameter Value
Pot Life
1 Hour
Open Time
30 Minutes
Time to Plaster
24 Hours
Time to full dry head
14 Days
Wet Density
1750 KG / m3
Shelf Life
1 Year

Shelf Life: Factory sealed bags of this product are guaranteed to be the first quality for one ( 1 ) year, if stored off the ground in a dry area, at 21°C and 50% RH.

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