Wall Putty

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Superlite Wall Putty

SUPERLITE WALL PUTTY is a white cement based polymer modified Wall Putty specially developed as a base coat to cover uneveness and pinholes on plastered, mortar wall and ceiling to make the surface wall white, smooth and ready for primer-paint application.

*Available in 30 kg bags.

Coverage & Mixing Ratio

Superb Whiteness & Smooth Finish

Water Resistant

Strong Bonding to the Base Plaster

True tone of the paint is maintained

Protects expensive paint from dampness, peeling off and flaking

Excellent Workability

Reduces Paint Consumption


Property Typical Results
Pot Life
> 90 mins
9.2 - 10.1
8-12 Sq.ft / KG (Depending on finish of the Wall)
Recommended Mixing
380 - 480 ml of water per KG of WALL PUTTY
Superlite WATERPROOF WALL PUTTY (Newly Launched)

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