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On Site Survey

We do an extensive site survey whereby the site is observed against all the parameters that are vital for good construction practices.

Quantity Estimate

In order to access the exact quantity of AAC block required at the site, the team does the quantity survey of the site. This helps our customers in terms of cost planning.

Cost Saving Analysis

Once the quantity assessment is through, we provide a cost saving analysis which gives our customer a clear picture of their cost saving against red bricks.

Educating And Hand Holding Masons

AAC blocks are easy to install and is hassle free work. However to upgrade the mason’s skill and impart good construction techniques, we provide on-site hand holding to the masons. Also we conduct workshops for masons where they learn the good construction practices.

Free Application Tools

We provide free application tools for installation of AAC Blocks & Fix-O-Block. For this we have free Rubber Mallet & Notch Trowels which are allocated as per site requirement.

Delivery (Across North East, West Bengal & Bhutan)

We have a range of fleets both owned and also third party arranged which we use to deliver our products across North East, West bengal and Bhutan .This service is chargeable at actual.

Unloading (Guwahati)

We provide unloading service in Guwahati Local on ground floor .This helps the clients to have minimal breakage of blocks as well as better stacking on ground.This service is chargeable at actual.

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